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Success Camp USA
Life Skills and Professionalism for Success

   This camp has zero tents, latrines, or bugs! Your success in life—personally and professionally—is what you explore at Success Camp USA. You define what “success” is for you. We give you tools and resources that allow you to eliminate the behaviors that sabotage your success.



   Immerse yourself (or your staff) in one hour, half a day, or a full day of camp. Come to one of our camp sessions or bring our program to your venue and facility.



   At Success Camp USA you explore real life behaviors and attitudes that propel you to success. You get more than the usual theory and motivational platitudes. The behaviors and attitudes you experience at Success Camp USA are those identified as and associated with professionalism, positive work ethics, and leadership.



   Success Camp USA works best in an environment that is “business casual” or where you present yourself and your team neatly and uniformly. Your “team” may include:

  • Staff, employees, administrators, supervisors, sales, customer service, or other personnel.
  • Conference attendees.
  • Youth, high school, college, or post-graduate students.

   You supply the people and invest in the program; we supply the materials and tools you need to succeed at—and beyond—Success Camp USA. We can arrange for refreshments or lunch (full day program only) as appropriate.



   Click on the “Success Language” link to the left for your detailed description of our Success Language program, which is what we present at Success Camp USA. Then join us for one of our programs, or schedule us to bring Success Camp USA to your organization.

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